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Melanie Martinez
I saw this video and immediately found her to be really cool. I didn't know till I looked her up that she was on one of these awful TV singing shows. I went to see her at a club in Jersey (strangest place I've ever seen a show at) and it was filled with 13 year olds and their parents. So, I'm leaning on a wall next to the other old people before the show, and one turns to me and says "How many kids did you bring?" I responded "I don't have kids, I'm here to see Martinez". It was bizarre.

When I was kid listening to Alice Cooper his lyrics were controversial, and songs like "I Love The Dead" confirm why (I love that song). But, these parents didn't bat an eyelash as almost every Martinez song contains some profanity. Her favorite being f++k. One of the top worst shows I've ever seen. The uniqueness she gives off in her videos and songs is non-existent live. BORING is the best that can be said. But, even so, her teen fans were in love.

So, she sucks live. Her videos are really cool, and her album is great. There isn't a bad song on it (IMO). This track Pity Party incorporates Lesley Gore's It's My Party perfectly.


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