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Why I think Fantasia is the best Disney Film....
Fantasia is a wonderful film. It's one of the most fresh ideas for a film every created. If you're not familiar with the premise of Fantasia, here it is:
Fantasia is a film where an orchestra plays some well-known classical music pieces and the Walt Disney Animators put together imagery to go with the songs. Some songs have story animations and some songs have shapes and color coordination as the imagery.
This film is a wonder. First off, being Disney's third film, this was a risk. Back in the time this was made, the only two full-length animated films Disney had made were Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinnochio. These two films gave Disney a large status. So, trying something of this status was different than any other film ever made. There was no talking in this film, except for explanations from a narrator that would discuss the historical context of each tune . Also, not to mention, this film had a special sound-system, and if a theater wanted to play the film, they had to install the sound system.
Second, this film does what Looney Tunes did, but with much more grace: Put classical music into the lives of younger audiences. This film introduces young people to Tchaikovsky, Bach, Stravinsky, and Mussorgsky. It also introduces people to symbolism and imagery involving music. When listening to music, even if you aren't a musician, you can actually imagine something with the music, and this film shows it. It also can introduce children to instruments and how some of them sound.
This film existing is an anomaly in itself because classical music has been dying out as of lately. Many orchestras have been struggling to remain afloat, lately. It's been difficult for the orchestras AND the musicians in the orchestras. There has been a lack of people interested, too. People associate classical music with being bored and yawning at a performance. However, classical music is more human than many other genres of music because it isn't just hashed out, nowadays, for money. Maybe when it was made it was, but modernly, orchestras play the classics to convey what the song is supposed to convey, because we know in modern day, making it as a musician is tough and if you're the right musician, the money isn't why you joined the business. If you're a SMART musician, you KNOW that the money won't come from the business! I am one, myself, and I aspire to be a future musician and I know it won't be much money. So, this music has much more expression than the modern pop music. Sitting and watching an orchestra is actually much more interesting than one might think. However, most people just get bored because they don't actually LISTEN, they just listen.
However, Fantasia gives a picture to the beautiful music that is being listened to, and you can SEE the expressions that are in the music because there are certain patterns, or certain images that associate with the music to show how the music expresses itself. Fantasia is one of the best things to happen to classical music because of how it just shares classical music with the world. It is very constructive for the time, because in the time it was made, animation was seen as "kid's stuff." However, this film was much more developed. To be fair, however, animated films weren't that common in the time, and snow white was the first full-length one ever to exist.
So, as a whole, this is why I think Fantasia is a masterpiece, and Disney's best works. It was innovative, intelligent, helping the classical community, and a large leap for animation. This was when animation was done on paper, so this stuff being timed with the music is EXTREMELY impressive.
Always look on the bright side of life! *Insert whistling here*

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