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Paul Weller "jawbone"
[Image: 512i13Z1MhL._AC_US160_.jpg]

Paul Weller "jawbone"

cd listen:

first soundtrack of Weller's long career...
movie is a boxing movie...
seven tracks, five instrumental pieces...
first track is a montage of sound and music,
contains snippets of music featured in the movie and
is some twenty minutes long...
two vocal tracks, both acoustic ballads, not much in them at
all IMO, but they may work in the context of the movie...
four other instrumental pieces, a couple of them are listenable...
I feel Weller is a pop singer, not a soundtrack score guy,
a disappointing album IMO,
and couldn't really care less if I heard it again or not
nothing worth posting here, just look up the single I posted
a few weeks ago.

this, one of only two vocal tracks on the album has grown on me over the last few days...
a nice folky ballad:


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