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Greg Graffin "millport"
[Image: 61GZZyFxMXL._AC_US218_.jpg]

Greg Graffin "millport"

Spotify listen:

was originally vocalist for LA punk band Bad Religion...
third solo set, they call this Americana...
soft rock IMO...
sounds similar in places to Eagles, folk rock in others
even a hint of 1970s Neil Young/Crazy Horse in others...
a good solid album IMO

from the album: (my favourite from the album)

on a serious note: Jerome/Ruby, you may like this album
Busy listening at the moment - not bad. I could get into this.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
that was awesome
and so was the video
and so is the cover

it just hit me

in addition to yours
Warren Zevon

yes, Warren Zevon, I knew there was someone else in there, just couldn't pick it, thanks MH.
CRAZY-HORSE Wrote:on a serious note: Jerome/Ruby, you may like this album
on a more serious note
why wasn't I included in this advisement
I am hurt

did you not think I would like this?
half way through it and loving it

no offense intended MH, my seasoning for not mentioning you:

1: when I heard it, I knew it would be my album of the week, thus you would definitely be hearing it
and I knew when you heard it that you would love it.

2: Jerome rarely listens to the "modern" music, dropped his name because I wanted him to hear it, or
at least listen to the clip I posted.

3: I know Ruby does listen to some modern music, again like Jerome, wanted to drop her name hoping
she'd give it a whirl also.

4: didn't want to say you'd love it, didn't want to persuade your judgement of the album or build up
your hopes prior to listening to it.
point taken with your seasoning

I agree with your best pick
this guy sure takes his time
only his 3rd album with a 9 year and 11 year gap between them

title track


you should know me by now...always method in my madness mate.

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