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Greg Graffin "millport"
I listened to the album and might do so again. Got the immediate impression that he was exercising restraint and that there was something more brewing under the surface; he's presented this in a kind of calculated, measured way and is clearly an educated man, but it just feels like he’s holding back, IMHO. Good lyrics, musically quite ok, but not really my thing. I was curious after that listen though, so I looked him up ... not familiar with his Bad Religion band at all, which is not surprising since they’re a punk outfit.

Hmmmm – interesting character, a rather heavyweight academic/punk rocker! Sitting on the fence re his music for now, but thanks CH. Most of the time I know for sure I needn’t bother, lol!
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I mean to say Thanks Crazy Mate!
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SteveO Wrote:I like this also! Thanks Music Man !
in this case Music Man = CRAZY-HORSE


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