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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 220px-MyAim_isTrue.jpg]

ELVIS COSTELLO  "my aim is true"  vinyl/cd  1977

really?, this album is now forty years old!...
sort of been going through an EC thing of late so I should really post them...
his debut....
recorded over a twenty-four hour period...
four singles off this one,"red shoes", "less than zero", watching the detectives"
and the classic "Alison"...
the album has been inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame and is often
cited by rock critics as "the greatest debut album ever"...
either way, I love it

from the album, the classic "Alison"

Chamber/jazz/folk. Where does it go??! Lol!

Penguin Café, The Imperfect Sea. Just love it. 

The second track on this great live clip is my favourite from the album, I think. "Protection" - starts around 5.55, followed by the album opener "Ricercar" which is also fantastic. They are awesome IMHO!

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