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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 220px-The_Clash_UK.jpg]

THE CLASH "the clash"  vinyl/cd  1977

their debut set of six...
I own all six on vinyl and cd....
"the greatest punk album of all time" IMO...
has the ferocity in the lyrics, music and vocals...
only "never mind the bollocks" comes close to it...
this is a perfect album IMO, 10/10, not just punk perfection
but in the history of rock and roll, this would rate in the top 10 debuts of all time
for sure...
unfortunately for the band, they never got close to this album again and neither did punk rock.

the opening track on side one of the vinyl:

the debut single:

[Image: 220px-My_Head_Is_An_Animal.jpg]

OF MONSTERS AND MEN "my head is an animal" cd, 2011:

Icelandic alt-folk band...
debut album (two released)...
I only own this one, wasn't impressed with the other one when I heard it....
#1 in Australia, top ten just about everywhere else....
some lovely harmonies and melodies...
hear Lumineers all over this one, would like to also say Avett Brothers but that's probably
pushing the envelope a bit...
wasn't sure how this would fare but it came out better than I expected, which is always a pleasant
and most welcome surprise...


WORST TRACK:  Dirty Paws
BEST TRACK:  King and Lionheart


1....dirty paws *
2....King and Lionheart ***
3....mountain sound ***
4....slow and steady **
5....from finner **
6....little talks ***
7....six weeks *** love love **
9....your bones ***
10..sloom ***
11..lakehouse **
12..yellow light **

3s = 6
2s = 5
2s = 1

rating: 2.4
[Image: 220px-Dig_out_your_soul.jpg]

OASIS "dig out your soul"  cd,  2008:

Gallagher brothers' seventh and final album....
still multi platinum selling in their homeland...
still maintaining their unbroken #1 status on the albums chart there...
no #1 singles off it though, had two top 10 efforts and one that got to #12,
pretty poor effort by their normal standards....
lots of reversed taped guitars, sitars, psychedlia on this one...
sounds like they were listening to Beatle tracks like "rain" and "tomorrow never knows"
during the writing process for this one....
in hindsight, this album is pretty 'piss poor' but its not their worse by any means...


worst track: aint got nothin'

best track: get off your high horse lady


1....bag it up **
2....the turning **
3....waiting for the rapture *
4....the shock of the lightning *
5....I'm outta time **
6....get off your high horse lady **
7....falling down ** be where theres life **
9....aint got nothin' *
10..the nature of reality *
11..soldier on **

3s = 0
2s = 7
1s = 4

rating: 1.7
[Image: 220px-TheOffspringAmericanaalbumcover.jpg]

THE OFFSPRING  "Americana"  cd,  1998:

the band's fifth of nine, this is the only one I own...
the experts call them punk, theyre not punk!, theyre alt rock with punk elements IMO...
lots and lots of catchy alt rock tunes on here...
a couple of tracks do dip their toes in the punk waters but that's as far as it goes...
album 5x platinum in both Australia and their homeland and Diamond status in Canada...
a very good album....


worst track:  pay the man

best track:  pretty fly for a white guy


1....have you ever **
2....staring at the sun **
3....pretty fly for a white guy ***
4....the kids aren't alright ***
5....feelings **
6....shes got issues ***
7....Walla Walla ***
8....the end of the line ** brakes **
10..why don't you get a job? ***
11..Americana ** the man *

3s = 5
2s = 6
1s = 1

rating:  2.3

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