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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 51ig7f+RFtL._AC_US218_.jpg]

DAVE EDMUNDS "twangin' " cd, 1981

Dave's tenth career album and last to feature Rockpile on tracks....
basically a covers album, but then again, most of his albums had at least five or six
covers on them anyway...
has that distinct Rockpile/Edmunds/Lowe sound throughout...
nothing really bad on here, but nothing great neither...
Dave produced Stray Cats debut album in 1981 also and those cats are his backing band
on one track here, the George Jones cover "the race is on"...
its not the best track on here but i'll post it because of Stray Cats...

[Image: 220px-One_Nil_%28Neil_Finn_album_-_cover_art%29.jpg]

NEIL FINN "one nil" cd, 2001:

second solo set from Finn...
more experimental than his first set and for the most part a million miles
from Crowded House, still sounds like Neil Finn without sounding like him...
arty in places, folky in others, and still alternative for the remainder...
good solid album...

superb live version of the lead off track:

^Must get out my copy and listen again. Thanks for the reminder!

ASYLUM KIDS – Fight It With Your Mind

[Image: R-4314509-1464872140-9195.jpeg.jpg]
South Africa’s premier punk rock band – not a lot of those around in the early 80’s and this is actually quite tame by comparison to many international acts under the label of punk! Listening today because I just acquired the album on vinyl and haven’t lent them my ear for a VERY long time - longer than bears mentioning!! Might have heard all this many more times live than any other way, which is an even scarier thought!

These guys were positively subversive and had a lot to say about the apparent societal norms back in the day. They were protesting and questioning on all of our behalf and they were faced with serious conservatism, on every level. To put it in perspective, TV had made an appearance a mere five years earlier and there was little to no exposure to what was going on in the rest of the world, generally, as well as musically speaking. Scant information, no internet, no mobile phones, a controlled and regulated press and international sanctions. Around this time, Chris de Burgh’s Spanish Train was banned, for goodness’ sake, and it was around that time that Rodriguez started to take hold – also subject to bans.

Three years after Fight It With Your Mind was released, Queen and Rod Stewart, among a few others got severely lambasted by their peers for performing at Sun City and breaking the silence that had been imposed on us – up to then there were virtually no international artists coming here, certainly not in the world of rock anyway, and even that was only possible as Sun City wasn’t officially in SA – it was in Bophutatswana – a supposed separate ‘state’, which it was, in name only, pretty much. We had access to records and tapes, but no live acts – no tours. There have, and continue to be, waves of other protest bands since, in all sorts of genres – these were forerunners (in my experience), as was Johnny Clegg and his cohorts – just doing it a bit differently.

Looking back and listening more critically than I did then, I can see how courageous these guys were, and how important it was for what they were saying to be voiced by someone – anyone – and preferably loud enough for others to notice – and that they put themselves across in enough of a serious and accomplished manner to earn that notice. Very topical and relevant to the SA situation at the time; and 38 years later, I’m sorry to say, not altogether irrelevant. This was pacifist punk, I think, if there is such a thing – and they really rocked! Not my usual cuppa but nostalgia goes an awfully long way and I think they deserve their place in the annals. Also not sure where they all are today, although I think Robbi Rob is in the USA, and is still involved in music.  

The whole album -

"We Are The Ones" - - so true

"Girl Gone Solo" -

Title track …

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
[Image: 220px-Jack_White_-_Lazaretto.jpg]

JACK WHITE "Lazaretto"  cd, 2014:

Jack's second solo set...
I know he's not everybody's cup of musical tea but hey that's Jack White...
some alt rock, some blues rock, some country, well, country Jack White style anyway...
a weird yet wonderful album like no one but he could manage...
all up, probably comes close to being my favourite of his...

from the album, the Rolling Stones sounding one...

[Image: 220px-Blackstar_%28Front_Cover%29.png]

DAVID BOWIE "[Image: 15px-BlackStar.PNG]" aka "blackstar" cd, 2016

career stats:
studio albums..................27

this album.........................#1 UK.....#1 AU...#1 US...#1 CAN
"blackstar"..............................#61 UK...............#78 US
"lazerus".................................#45 UK...#78 AU...40 US
"i cant give everything away"...#141 UK

first time ive played this since the end of '16 or early '17 giving the emotion and hype
surrounding his death to subside...
a couple of loves, likes and dislikes last time I posted it...
album contains a lot of jazz sounds, traditional, progressive and slightly avant-garde in places...
my favourite track could almost have fitted nicely onto my favourite album "lodger" (allbeit without the f-bombs he
drops on it)…
Im sold on it containing the best lyrics of his career, with the majority being about death and the acceptance
of death, he is a man letting the world know he is about to die and no one, not one reviewer picked up on it at 
the time (such is the genius of Davie Bowie), I guess the critics thought the chameleon of rock was once again
shedding his image once again...
and the videos for the title track and Lazerus are possibly two of the greatest music videos of all time!
not sure if ironic is the right word but its ironic that whilst the ink was still wet from the pens of the reviews of the
album his obituary was being penned by the same people...
I know Bowie mapped out his career every inch of the way but surely he couldn't have planned this release and his death
to a 48hr period....or could he???
I love half the tracks on this album, like two others and dislike the remaining two so I guess...

favourite track:

are the lyrics in this song nonsense or avant-garde? (oops sorry, avant-garde and nonsense are the same thing to me!)


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