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[Image: 51uoHzcrC8L._AC_US218_.jpg]

ADAM & THE ANTS "kings of the wild frontier" cd/vinyl 1980

their second album and one that propelled them into the charts
worldwide for a three year period....
another one of Malcolm McLaren's protégé 's....
lots of heavy tribal beats with two drummers...
lots of new wave/punk guitars...
lots of catchy chorus lines and chants throughout...
I guess the band members had a fascination with the American Indians as
most songs reference or are themed that way...
a unique sounding band, especially on this album...
a classy album of post-punk material that stands the test of time really well IMO


least likeable track: ant invasion
favourite track: kings of the wild frontier

tracks: eat dog ***
2....ant music ***
3....feed me to the lions **
4....Los Rancheros ***
5....ants invasion **
6....killer in the home ***
7....kings of the wild frontier ***
8....the magnificent five **
9....don't be square (be there) **
10..jolly roger ***
11.making history **
12..the human beings ***

3s - 7
2s - 5
1s - 0

rating: 2.6
[Image: 220px-Regurgitator-Unit.jpg]

REGURGITATOR "unit"  cd, 1997

Aussie alt/pop/electro-pop band...
second album of ten and their biggest seller going 3x platinum here...
#4 peak in Australia and #7 in New Zealand...
thought I had two albums of theirs, I only have this and a compilation...
a bit of funk, a bit of alt, an almost Britpop song which sounds like Blur(which is my favourite)
some Daft Punk type tunes and a couple of dance type songs...
used to think I loved this album but it seems I only like it...


least likeable track: modern life

favourite tune: the world of sleaze


1....I like your old stuff better than your new stuff ***
2....everyday formula **
3... "!"-(the song formally known as...) **
4....blackbugs **
5....the world of sleaze ***
6....I piss alone **
7....unit *
8....I will lick your asshole **
9....modern life *
10..polyester girl ***
11..1-2-3-4 *
12..Mr.T **
13..just another beautiful story ***

3s - 4
2s - 6
1s - 3

rating: 2.0
[Image: 220px-Kasabian_48_13.jpg]

KASABIAN "48 : 13"  cd,  2011

the bands fifth of six, I own all six...
this was the last acquisition with birthday gift card back in July...
no wonder I didn't get it back in the day, 
and thank God I didn't actually pay for it!....
least likeable album of theirs for me, barely makes the grade, whereas all their 
others get respectable scores...
album is just too mellow for my liking overall...
several brilliant tracks up to par with their back catalogue but too wishy-washy for me...

I LIKE THIS ALBUM (but only just!)

worst  track: mortis
best track: bumble beeee


1....shiva *
2....bumble beeee ***
3....Stevie **
4....mortis *
5....doomsday ***
6....treat ** **
8....explodes **
9....levitation *
10..clouds **
11..eez-eh **
12..bow *
13..S-P-S ***

3s - 3
2s - 6
1s - 4

rating 1.8
(21-03-2008, 15:05)Tiggi Wrote: Galaxie 500 - This is Our Music
[Image: 220px-This_Is_Our_Music_%28Galaxie_500%2...ver%29.png]
was getting bored so I thought i'd pick something I don't own or have never heard from
the long lost back pages of MD...
alt band from Massachusetts....
third of three albums...
heard hints of Velvet Underground/Lou Reed on the opening track...
dreamy pop for the most part after that....
all songs original except one cover "listen the snow is falling", a Yoko track from
"the wedding album" from back in the arty-farty days of early Lennon solo...
album is not something I care to listen to again...
my favourite track, the one that has a Lou Reed/VU sound 


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