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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 51icJ6Qex4L._AC_US218_.jpg]

DAVE EDMUNDS "repeat when necessary" vinyl 1979:

chart high:  #39 UK,  #54 US

Rockpile are the band here so not sure why he even recorded under his own name???
mostly covers but a few originals written for him by others..
the biggest of those was "girls talk" by Elvis Costello and the original version of
"queen of hearts" made successful by Juice Newton in the early 1980s...
Huey Lewis even wrote one for him, Bad Is Bad...
the interesting thing for me with Edmunds is that he is always linked with Nick Lowe 
because of Rockpile and Elvis Costello because he was involved with both him and Lowe
on and off over the years, and all three artists were never that successful but had their moments
in the charts yet their careers are forever entwined as one...
a good album of New Wave/Rockabilly tunes..


worst track: goodbye mister good guy
best track: queen of hearts


1....girls talk ***
2....crawling from the wreckage ***
3....the creature from the black lagoon **
4....sweet little sister *
5....dynamite ***
6....queen of hearts ***
7....home in my hand **
8....goodbye mister good buy *
9....take me for a little while *
10..we were both wrong **
11..bad is bad **

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