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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 51icJ6Qex4L._AC_US218_.jpg]

DAVE EDMUNDS "repeat when necessary" vinyl 1979:

chart high:  #39 UK,  #54 US

Rockpile are the band here so not sure why he even recorded under his own name???
mostly covers but a few originals written for him by others..
the biggest of those was "girls talk" by Elvis Costello and the original version of
"queen of hearts" made successful by Juice Newton in the early 1980s...
Huey Lewis even wrote one for him, Bad Is Bad...
the interesting thing for me with Edmunds is that he is always linked with Nick Lowe 
because of Rockpile and Elvis Costello because he was involved with both him and Lowe
on and off over the years, and all three artists were never that successful but had their moments
in the charts yet their careers are forever entwined as one...
a good album of New Wave/Rockabilly tunes..


worst track: goodbye mister good guy
best track: queen of hearts


1....girls talk ***
2....crawling from the wreckage ***
3....the creature from the black lagoon **
4....sweet little sister *
5....dynamite ***
6....queen of hearts ***
7....home in my hand **
8....goodbye mister good buy *
9....take me for a little while *
10..we were both wrong **
11..bad is bad **

3s - 4
2s - 4
1s - 3

rating: 2.0
[Image: 61pCle5TbdL._AC_AA218_.jpg]

PETER TOSH  "legalize it" cd,  1976

chart high (LOL): #199 US

I already own Marley's "legend", UB40's "signing off" and Eddie's "killer on the rampage"
along with an eight track Desmond Dekker 'ep', but that's as far as my knowledge of Reggae goes,
unless of course you count the UK Ska of the late 70s/early 80s....
back to the album at hand....
one of Bob's original Wailers....
his debut solo set..
it been on constant rotation since I bought it a week ago...
a solid collection of songs about love, peace, life and ganja...
I love at least half this album, like the remainder...

favourite track:

[Image: 220px-BobMarley-Kaya.jpg]

BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS  "kaya" vinyl, 1978

tenth album....
only one I own except for a compilation....
lots of good stuff on this album, nothing I dislike....
love about half the album...
song themes are similar to those on the Tosh album,
but to be honest, "legalize it" by Tosh is a far superior album IMO...

favourite tune, another one for MH to roll that early morning number to.....

Easy skanking (skankin' it easy)
Easy skanking (skankin' it slow)
Easy skanking (skankin' it easy)
Easy skanking (skankin' it slow).

Excuse me while I light my spliff (spliff)
Good God, I gotta take a lift: (lift)
From reality I just can't drift (drift)
That's why I am staying with this riff. (riff)

Take it easy (easy skankin')
Lord, I take it easy! (easy skankin')
Take it easy (easy skankin')
Got to take it easy (easy skankin').
See: we're takin' it easy (ooh-wah-da da-da)
We taking it slow, (ooh-wah-da da-da)
Takin' it easy (easy)
Got to take it slow (slow-slow)
So take it easy (easy skankin' da-da-da-da-da-da)
Wo-oh, take it easy (easy skankin')
Take it easy (easy skankin' da-da-da-da-da-da)
Take it easy. (easy skankin')

Excuse me while I light my spliff (spliff)
Oh, God, I gotta take a lift: (lift)
From reality I just can't drift (drift)
That's why I am staying with this riff. (riff)

Take it easy (takin' it easy)
Got to take it easy (takin' it slow)
Take it easy (takin' it easy)
Skanky, take it easy (takin' it slow).

Tell you what:
Herb for my wine (ooh-wa-da-da-da)
Honey for my strong drink (ooh-wa-da-da-da)
Herb for my wine (ooh-wa-da-da-da)
Honey for my strong drink.

I shake it easy (takin' it easy)
Skanky, take it easy (skankin' it slow)
Take it (takin' it easy) easy
Take it (skankin' it slow) easy
Take it easy (takin' it easy)
Oh-oh-ooh! (skankin' it slow)
Little bit easier (takin' it easy)
Skanky, take it easy (skankin' it slow).
Take it easy! Take it easy! Take it easy!
[Image: 220px-Ripcord_album_cover.jpg]

KEITH URBAN  "ripcord"  cd,  2016:

yeah, yeah, I know...
but I was challenged by a work colleague to listen to the six Urban albums he owns,
and I don't back down from any challenge anywhere, anytime with anything!...
album number ten for Keith, first of his for me...
its not country, its 'alternative', and im cool with that, just wish they wouldn't call him country!...
first track starts off and I think im listening to Neil Finn...
second track starts and I think im listening to George Michael..
the third track reminds me of Savage Garden initially...
love all three of those tracks...
by track number five we get some rap courtesy of Pitbull...WTF!
at least the other featured artist on another track fits the bill in Carrie Underwood....
the one other song I love is a ballad in the style of Chris Isaaks, which happens to be my favourite on here...
all up, four tracks I love, eight I like and one (the rap thing) which I dislike...
so I guess that means I LIKE THIS ALBUM

favourite track:  superb live clip from Grand Old Opry

[Image: 220px-KeithUrbanGetCloser.jpg]

KEITH URBAN "get closer"  cd, 2010

eighth studio set from New Zealander Urban...
some country/southern rock on here, a couple of banjo tunes
and several ballads...
probably three of the ten tracks would pass as country for me, the rest
have to go in alternative...
four singles off it, three of which made it to #1 on the US Country charts...
Wiki shows eight tracks on the album, I have ten on this copy but it doesn't state
its a "deluxe" version of the album so im assuming AU/US track listings are different
for some stupid reason...
another good solid album from Keith and my opinion of him as an artist
is starting to change rather quickly because I LIKE THIS ALBUM

favourite track, one of the ballads and #1 hits off it and a brilliant live clip to go with it...

I finally got to listen to the new alternative band from London, Wolf Alice ! It takes exceptional talent to play live and this band can deliver ! A fresh new sound and the splendid bonus is a female lead singer and guitarist !

 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
five or so years ago Paul Weller named Wolf Alice one of his 'best new artists' list...
I listened to their first few singles from 2013/14, wasn't overly impressed but they received a lot of
exposure from that Weller comment.

I did listen/watch your linked track SteveO, and can see why people like them but theyre not my cup of tea...

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