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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 220px-Tonight_%28album%29.jpg]

DAVID BOWIE "tonight", 1984:

Bowie's sixteenth studio set...
in hindsight, the '80s weren't good for Bowie overall,
the exception being the "scary monsters" album...
five covers on here including a God awful cover of "God only knows"...
two duets also, one with Tina, the other with Iggy (and I don't mean Azalea!)…
way too much of an overload of those terrible drum sounds and synths...
not much in the way of imagination from him neither...
I like two of the songs and love one (Blue Jean), the latter rates in my top ten
Bowie tracks of all time...

love the full 20 minute short film for the song:

[Image: 220px-Lorde-The-Love-Club-EP.jpg]

LORDE "the love club" - ep  cd, 2013

her debut release,
a five track 'ep',
nine times platinum here in Australia...
Royals was the lead off track off it...
love every song on this short set...


[Image: 220px-Lorde_Pure_Heroine.png]

LORDE "pure heroine"  cd, 2013:

New Zealander's debut album...
released several months after the "ep" posted above...
written and recorded when she was just fifteen, released when
she was sixteen...
sparse music, fragile forlorn vocals for the most part...
totally, unique at the time, nothing had sounded like this previously,
even Mr Bowie proclaimed her to be "the future of music", very big
compliment indeed...
not as good as the "ep" but I love it

from the album, the worldwide smash hit...

[Image: 220px-Lorde_-_Melodrama.png]

LORDE "melodrama"  cd,  2017

Lorde's second and most recent album...
musically and lyrically a much better album than the debut...
more pop orientated than the Pure Heroine, possibly because she was
learning, being influenced by her new BFF Taylor Swift....
either way, I love this one more than the debut but the rest of the world doesn't appear
to agree with this one barely scraping the million sales mark worldwide...

the lead off single:

(21-03-2011, 10:59)CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: [Image: 51Qu38DMRkL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

BIC RUNGA "drive" 1998, cd. #45 AU.

Bic was 19 when she released this, her debut album back in 1998, after being discovered by Neil Finn, who incidently plays some guitar on this album.
Bic is part chinese and part Maori(indigineous new zealander).
its so hard to describe this album other than the music is acoustic and sparse which leaves room for Ms.Runga to showcase her amazing vocals, the lyrics and tone of the vocals are a bit edgy and frail yet confident and forceful at the same time.
"sway" was a big hit here in Australia and also in NZ but failed to chart anywhere else, even though it was used in the soundtrack of the movie "american pie". this album does sound atmospheric and tranquil when listened to with headphones on, a glass of good red wine and the lights dimmed way down.
if anyone can describe this music better than me, feel free to do so as i am lost for a description!



1. drive*** video
2. sway*** #10 aust. video
3. hey**
4. bursting through*** video
5. swim**
6. roll into one** video
7. suddenly strange** #98 aust video
8. sorry**
9. heal**
11.without** audio

im surprised theres no live links for the songs???


rating 2.2

revisiting this one but cant be bothered starting over so basically doing a cheap "copy and paste" job LOL!
cant believe its over 20 yrs old now!, Holy Crap time flies by!
still a very good album,
track #2, "sway" is still my favourite, it has a distinct Neil Finn solo feel to it...

[Image: 220px-Ramones_-_Hey_Ho_Let%27s_Go_Greate..._cover.jpg]

THE RAMONES "hey ho-lets go: greatest hits" cd, 2006:

im a late comer to these guys...
album covers 76-84 with twenty tracks...
early stuff sounds just like The Clash, the latter songs more AOR...
good solid album...

favourite is their debut single:


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