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Erin Moran Dead At 56

Such a tragedy. Her hubby worked at WalMart. Man. She looked like my cousin.
Did not know she had passed till Cathy told me yesterday.

RIP Erin :frown:
Happy Days was a classic show, loved all the characters especially Ralph, Potsie, The Fonz, Mr C, and Al.
the show went off the rails when Laverne And Shirley and Mork came into it...
I love The Fonz!!
Guess Ron Howard had a big part in it leavin the airways too because he became such a big deal in the movies.
Best move he ever made.
However, I thought RH was a much better actor when he was a kid. He was great as Opie
Sad that some stars who left show business ended up basically penniless.

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