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Please Read - 2nd Relaunch
(19-07-2017, 10:52)Music Head Wrote:
(19-07-2017, 00:58)Lovely Linda Wrote: When I logged in Music Head's post does not appear in the movie section when we were talking about cartoons.
I was going to reply to him but can't if his post is not there. I don't know why this has happened only in this topic.
Help please. Tell me why. Does anyone know??
no clue from me
doesn't matter
our site is doomed
just a matter of time

Why do you say the site is doomed?? Lack of visitation??
It sure has slacked off. No one here at night anymore.
Going to miss y'all. Especially you ED!!

I could not even get on the site last night. Every browser took me to that crazy page.

Shame nothing can be done to fix this site from folding!! If y'all go anywhere else let me know.

Looks like Music Banter is next or maybe another type of forum. I am a member there but never go over there
Have to admit that when I saw the 'new' version of the site some time back I was not impressed. I also have to admit that I found myself coming back to the site as a 'guest' from time to time because to put it quite simply I am the cat that curiosity got the better of. I missed the banter and the arguments (and it also gave me something to do). The site is not dead - it just needs some more active members. And in Ruby we have the most eloquent member we could ever hope for. Rolling Stone please take note. I have been reading all her posts on the QT. So for better or for worse I am still going to be around. And yes I still won't tolerate rap. As for Donaldmayo and Co. - please hit the eject button. I am all for someone trying to get some new music out there - nothing wrong with that - but relentless hype about some fourth rate acts who do not have a clue about emotive music just does not cut it. Make a contribution to the site or go somewhere else. Please.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
I knew youd be back Jerome...
me too,
not really been here for almost as long as you, but after searching and looking for other things....I am back!
Thumbs Up 
Welcome back Jerome!

I have also been on a lil travel around but now I'm back home!
^^^Nice to see you all back!

It’s been a bit of a desert around here.
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
J man is back
life is good

Maybe there is hope after all.

Nothing else out there is like home.

No need to look further. I have and I can't find any site that seems more like home.

Welcome back everyone!!
Only suggestion I have is for us to be not so one sided.
May be why not many stay or post.
This is actually a small family or should I say friend community.
It is hurting this site.

The Rebel  (just living up to my name Tongue )
I think you have a point, Linda. I would like to see more people join and feel comfortable posting here.
i think ALL forums are the same....

people feel like outsiders when they join because they don't "fit in" as such...
but they need to persist and gradually become of a family, the problem I find is that people want to be "in" immediately...

we've had several good members here over the last couple of years....Jazzbo, bob_32 etc who posted a lot, but they spat it and left
over one or two posts they didn't like because they weren't to their way of thinking, a shame really because they were good members..

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