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My plans begin to take shape
I can hear it.
I have now added two new videos.  The first is a cover of a Little Mix song called Good Enough:

The second is a cover of an obscure song by The Bangles called Dover Beach:

Cannot hear a thing. No sound from your videos on my PC??? Obviously something on my end. Maybe I should reload the interface drivers or something. If I sort it out I will let you know. Weird thing is every other YT video plays OK. Strange.....
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Finally figured out what was going on with the sound. Had a listen - sorry but it does nothing for me.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
To update my situation:

For some time now I have been planning to launch a very modest career for myself, singing live in local venues.  I have kept putting things off though, but maybe I am now ready to start purchasing the necessary PA equipment.
So suppose I buy a microphone with stand, a mixer, and an amplifier.  A hired accompanist can then plug his electronic keyboard into the mixer, and the performance begins.

Then it occurs to me.  Could I plug my mobile phone into the mixer instead?  Does a cable exist which allows me to do that?  I was wondering that maybe I could hire a musician to record a backing track, which I could then download to my mobile phone.

Then it occurs to me that there are plenty of karaoke tracks on Youtube.   If I can plug my mobile phone into a mixer, then maybe I can sing along to a backing track which I did not have to commission.

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