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NEW ALBUM: Caligula's Horse "in contact"
[Image: 51AuPX-0H6L._AC_US218_.jpg]

CALIGULA'S HORSE  "in contact"

Spotify listen:

Aussie prog rock band....
forth album, first time ive heard of them...
cant make up my mind whether it is self-obsessed grandiose wanksy "look what I can do" music in the style of Muse
or whether it is actually brilliance????
either way, its good hearing a relatively new band that can genuinely play their instruments!

the opening track:  "dream the dead"

spoken word track: "inertia and the weapon on the wall"

the fifteen minute opus"  "graves"

and a lovely acoustic track which stood out for me immediately:

Good stuff, thanks.
I had heard the name before but assumed it was more metal than I like based on the name. Goes to show "you can't judge a book by the cover"

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