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cassette tapes....
remember those cassette tapes from our childhoods, the ones that used to unravel in the tape deck and get chewed up constantly?!

they were horrible, it was so awkward to find to a track on its own and listen to it...
well, I used to buy them if I couldn't get the album I wanted on vinyl as a last resort...

well, don't fret people, theyre back just like vinyl, its retro, all the youngsters want them....

here's the article:
^Lol! Always had to have a pencil handy to wind them.
And they had their uses - much easier than lugging vinyl around!
I liked that you could stop and start them to get the lyrics or to listen carefully to a particular section.
I'm told that tape is a preferred medium by some, for long term storage, but that's obviously not cassette. 
Gotta love technology.
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