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NEW ALBUM: Avishai Cohen - 1970

[Image: 0004757790.jpg]

Oh.My.Gosh! No idea how I managed to miss this October release, except I rather suspect quite a few albums that aren’t exactly mainstream slip well under the radar. Avishai Cohen is a virtuoso bassist and generally plays in jazz ensembles – he was mentored by Chick Corea. This is a surprising and much lighter departure from his regular fare, and what a pleasant one it is too! I didn’t know he could sing – have only heard instrumental work from him, but he has a rather pleasing baritone(ish) and on this album, he plays acoustic bass, electric bass and piano. Cohen was born in 1970 and his compositions and the couple of covers/traditional songs (some Israeli, some not + one Beatles) scattered throughout are intended to represent that era in some way – clearly personal some of the time. It appears that aside from being a virtuoso musician, he has a few other talents – producing and arranging being some of ‘em. 

There are some really nice grooves going on here, and some funkiness – well developed, big round warm sounds, I like it a lot – it’s a bit of a feast for my ears. Happy Christmas to me – this one’s definitely going in the ‘ol stocking!! 

"Emptiness" -

His interpretation of "Motherless Child" 

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson

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