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NEW ALBUM: Watain "trident wolf eclipse"
[Image: 220px-Watain_Trident_Wolf_Eclipse.jpg]

WATAIN  "trident wolf eclipse"

Spotify listen:

sixth studio album from this Swedish metal band...
have a reputation for mutilating animal carcasses on stage and dousing the audience with animal blood...
yeh, real intelligent band!
then in comes the growler...MH gets the rap crap and I seem to attract this sort of crap!...

not that anyone here is interested but, heres the single:

How can any sane person listen to this shit.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
I like this album, one of their less accessible ones, some of the songs are pretty dense and noisy, but others are much easier to digest. I still favour Lawless Darkness, and Casus Luciferi though. A solid effort but I still need to hear it more before I have a very solid opinion on it. Not my favourite album of the year by at least half a dozen albums so far, but still good.

I wouldn't go to a live show of theirs nor buy non-CD merch, but idk if buying their albums makes me not 100% vegan, but I am otherwise vegan yet still like and buy their music, though I think what they do for their superficial image is really lame. Supporting them is something I may stop if I want to reduce my harm even more, but I still am pretty selfish, so it may take a while before I feel up for sacrificing their music from my life.

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