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NEW ALBUM: Graham Coxon "the end of the f***ing world"
[Image: 61gqxTkUKPL._AC_US218_.jpg]

GRAHAM COXON  "the end of the f***ing world (original songs and score by Graham Coxon)"

Spotify listen:

interesting artist to say the least, usually unexpected, often quirky....
in fact i'd love to see him collaborate with Jack White at some point...
album starts off straight forward enough with a  lovely acoustic track...
a couple of tracks later we get something slightly reminiscent of his former band Blur...
then back to acoustic followed by another alt rock thing, a short instrumental and so on...
and this is how the album goes....
it never stays in one place which is not only its strength but also its weakness...
reminds me in a roundabout way of The Kinks from the mid 1970s, but stays far enough away as to
not draw comparisons (LOL, which ive just done!)...
the one thing I don't get is that it is on two discs according to Spotify, yet the total length time
comes in at a touch over forty minutes????!
give it a go, even if you weren't keen on his last one (A & E), because this is totally different...
very, very good album after two listens, its "on the list for 2018"....

one of the folky acoustic tracks that I love:

a good show also


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