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NEW ALBUM: Mary Gauthier "rifles and rosary beads"
[Image: 61m11EqZAfL._AC_US218_.jpg]

MARY GAUTHIER "rifles and rosary beads"

Spotify listen:

alt-folkie from Louisiana...
55yrs young, eighth studio album, a late bloomer?...
not really, took her that long to sort out all the crap in her life to know where she belonged in this world...
abandoned/dumped at an asylum at birth, adopted out early but ran away from those parents by fifteen,
a full blown druggie and alcoholic at that age also, spent her eighteenth birthday in a prison cell, spent a number of
years battling the booze and drugs in and out of rehab etc...
sorted her crap out to a degree, became a cook, was due to start a job in a restaurant but was arrested for DUI
on the way to that job on opening night in 1990, that was her wake up call she stopped the booze/drugs then and there
and concentrated on becoming a contributing member of society...
now, on with the album...
her eighth studio set..
Tom Waite and Bobby Dylan hold her in high esteem, and that should be enough for anyone to take a listen to her music...
this album was written with the aid of vets and their families, its subject matter deals with matters of the heart that are
important to returned heroes and their loved ones...
sombre, dour, even morbid are words i'd use to describe the lyrical content, Nick Cave would be impressed for sure!...
musically, it is simple, for the most part its acoustic guitar and harmonica but other instruments do make an appearance
where necessary, and by necessary I really mean necessary as they appear at times relevant to the words she is singing...
there is a frailty in her voice also, which reflects the subject matter, and that frailty does not appear forced or fake,
it is what she is feeling and trying to convey to the listener...
the album would sit nicely next to PJ Harvey and compliment each others styles beautifully...
this is one of those albums that I feel all members of MD would appreciate fully...
and its only the beginning of February but this album is the yardstick by which I will judge all other to this year.

from the album:


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