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NEW ALBUM: Jack White "boarding house reach"
[Image: 51T943BRUnL._AC_US218_.jpg]

JACK WHITE  "boarding house reach"

Spotify listen:

before I start..
haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love, no inbetween with Jack White....
album opens up with a blues rocker and from there on in its a free-for-all...
a wild collection of sounds from a spoken word piece, rap, funk, rock and dare I say
it, I think I hear some sampling and looping happening in places....
Jack White has never been a creator of original sounds but he exploits sounds and styles
by running them though a wringer and what comes out it what he uses, good or bad....
artists im hearing throughout this one are Moby, Sonic Youth (plenty of Sonic Youth), Lenny
Kravitz, some Run DMC and obviously some White Stripes...
all up, an impressive album to my ears, but im a long time fan anyway...

the single:

enters the Billboard Top 200 albums chart this week at #1

courtesy of Spotify

3rd as a solo act
I went for the first one but was not impressed
nor this one
I prefer Stripes

another single
nice live gig
more of a jam

yup...was dreading you hearing the album MH as I know youre a Stripes fan as opposed to a Jack solo fan.

love his music but the guy is a "weirdo" and if I didn't know better i'd say him and Johnny Depp were related

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