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NEW ALBUM: Joan Armatrading - Not Too Far Away

[Image: MI0004420674.jpg?] 
Whoop! What a great start to the weekend! The fabulous Ms Armatrading has released her 19th studio album and it’s as energized and fresh sounding as anything she’s put out there IMHO. I love it … well, I love eight of the ten tracks; the other two will just have to grow on me because I’ll definitely be getting my sticky paws on this one.
It’s all about love and affection – relationships, emotions – the personal stuff she does so well, although apparently not of an autobiographical nature. The cool thing is that she’s so direct and unfussy … no problems with wearing of the heart on the sleeve, and yet somehow, she doesn’t sound saccharine … I like it when we’re together … Keep me close in your atmosphere, life intensifies when you’re near … that sort of thing.

The last song is called “Loving What You Hate” which is about how lovable someone is despite their own self-criticisms – those things that make them feel less than confident are the very things that have the most appeal to the person who just loves them, as they are. I like the way she's put this across.

The album is not downbeat and dreary either - sentiment notwithstanding. There are some really vibey numbers that probably wouldn’t make a teenager get up and dance but which might start a toe or two tapping involuntarily!

Yay! Nicely crafted, unmistakeably Armatrading pop songs with a twist – I liked the bass which makes itself known throughout – can’t find the credits so no idea who that is – assuming it’s Joan on guitar and piano – who knows, she might being doing it all! (And in retrospect, I learn that indeed, she is!)

Listen. Enjoy …

The last track … “Loving What You Hate” …

And the title track … 

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
a couple of nice tracks there Ruby, thanks

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