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NEW SINGLE: Paul McCartney "i dont know" b/w "come on to me"
five years since "new", almost four since the Kanye/Rhianna collaboration...

new album "Egypt Station" due in September...
first up single, a "double-A" side:

first up, a ballad:

and the other side, a soft rocker:

Vintage Macca !  What more can I say !
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
(24-06-2018, 02:36)SteveO Wrote: Vintage Macca !  What more can I say !

each to their own SteveO...

I wouldn't say "vintage macca" for either song...

thought the first track was absolutely terrible, couldn't find a melody in it at all..

the second track, only slightly better than the first, at least it had some "get up and go".
catchy little chorus line, but seriously, a 76 year old man singing about "coming on to someone" is a bit creepy mate.

i'll still buy the album to keep the collection complete not expecting much from it though if these are the promotional tracks...
on the up side, theyre still better IMO, than the songs off "new", the "four five seconds" crap with Kanye/Rhianna, the stupid covers album "kisses on the bottom" and his "chaos and creation in the backyard" album...

this will, IMO, probably be his last album, I mean, it took him five years between the last two...

I think he should go the route of Neil Young and start releasing archives albums of unreleased material or little heard material,
little heard material like this classic tune which should have been released on an album:

MH, youre a fan, this one is worth a listen mate:

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