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Thinking of getting a piano for myself...
I love classical music and I started wishing to play the piano again.. 

I was playing the piano back in my school but that was long long time ago and the old memories are coming back and while listening to music I am starting to feel the itch in the fingers which can only be relieved by the keys.

I was playing on the acoustic before but I am thinking of going with the digital now. 
They have improved a lot judging from what I saw on youtube and from researching on the web. 

My budget is about 600$ but I am thinking of going with this piano from Yamaha, the P-45 model. It seems to me like it will provide me with everything I need as someone returning to the piano world.

Here is also a nice youtube video which I liked. The sound really is great for my standards.

I like pretty much everything about this piano but I am still not sure.

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who actually had a digital piano, let alone this one so I cant ask anyone for their oppinion..

So I hope that some of you maybe know how to answer my questions..

Is this piano actually good as people say on the youtube and web? 
I get that this is an entry level digital but will it suffice a beginner's needs? 

Are there maybe some other pianos which I should look into in this price range? I don't really have experience with this so I hope that some of you who have had a lot of keyboards in your time will be able to provide some constructive criticism of my piano choice!

Thank you, everyone, in advance!
No, your choice is fine - get busy playing. Enjoy!
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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