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Wolfmother Profile
new album released Oct 27th

Cosmic Egg

[Image: n20689iavcl.jpg]

from the album - New Moon Rising
YouTube - New Moon Rising - Wolfmother

from amg

Truly a band out of time, the Australian power trio Wolfmother were conceived in 2000 — about 30 years too late, considering that the musicians' psychedelic brand of proto-heavy metal sounded similar to the late-'60s/early-'70s craft of Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath. Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Andrew Stockdale, bassist/organist Chris Ross, and drummer Myles Heskett, Wolfmother took the initiative of recording a four-track demo in 2004 for the purpose of booking shows. So sterling were the results, however, that the band soon found itself re-recording the material for official release via the local label Modular Records. A second EP, Dimensions, appeared in 2006, and Wolfmother made the jump to the majors in early 2006, courtesy of an American distribution deal with Modular through Interscope Records. A self-titled album debut appeared in May and reached the Top 40, resulting in a trophy for Best Hard Rock Performance at the 2007 Grammy Awards. Co-founders Ross and Heskett left the group the following year, leaving Stockdale and new members Ian Peres (bass, keyboards), Aidan Nemeth (guitar), and Dave Atkins (drums) to carry the torch with 2009's Cosmic Egg.

album review

Swapping out his rhythm section, Andrew Stockdale proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's the mastermind of Wolfmother on Cosmic Egg, creating a second record that is essentailly a replication of the first, equally enamored with all the thick, heavy rock of the '70s, specifically Sabbath and Zeppelin, tempered with a little bit of Jack White caterwaul. All the sounds remain the same, but the songs have changed: with the occasional exception, such as the Stripes -ian salute "White Feather," Stockdale backs away from simple, brutal riff-driven songs, preferring churning exercises in heavy fantasy, sometimes colored with some Deep Purple organ. It's an effective way to show off a tighter, capable band, one that can deliver a serious gut-level punch, and one that is spending more time fusing their influence instead of delivering straight-up hero worship. And, in a sense, that makes Cosmic Egg a mature sophomore effort, particularly if it's just judged on all the sonic textures Wolfmorther serves up, but as the album closes with a series of meandering mysticism it's hard not to miss Stockdale's previous reliance on nasty repetitive riffs.

Track Listing
1 California Queen Stockdale 03:54
2 New Moon Rising Stockdale 3:45
3 White Feather Stockdale 03:04
4 Sundial Stockdale 3:47
5 In the Morning Stockdale 5:39
6 10,000 Feet Stockdale 4:08
7 Cosmic Egg Stockdale 04:04
8 Far Away Stockdale 4:00
9 Pilgrim Stockdale 4:50
10 In the Castle Stockdale 5:42
11 Phoenix Stockdale 4:45
12 Violence of the Sun Stockdale 6:02

I was so happy when I heard they had disbanded last year. Now my nightmares of annoying oldfashioned bands start anew.

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