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Please help me ID this popular 1980's song.
Was on the radio a lot. I played a few piano notes of the intro from memory the best I could remember.

Here is the YouTube link with the short recording:


NEVER MIND for the above, I found it! "True", Spandau Blue, 1983
I still need help with song below. 

PS - Another 1980's song I need help identifying is a dance song.

It was heard a lot at dance halls in the summer of 1985: it could have come out that year or a year or two before. 

The music sounds like it might have been something from Prince but the artist I don't know for certain. It might be in the category of 1980's dance hall pop that When Doves Cry falls into.  The only thing I know is it had the word HARMONY in the lyrics. Think of a circa mid 1980's Prince-esque dance hit with the word HARMONY in the lyrics.

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