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NEW ALBUM: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper "a star is born"
[Image: 51HPTlJorQL._AC_US218_.jpg]

purchase listen:

soundtrack to the new movie...
a remake of the Kris/Streisand movie which in return is a remake
of the old Judy Garland original...
thirty four tracks, but half of them are bits of dialogue which lead into the songs...
that means nothing to me because I haven't seen the movie...
thank God for programing tracks on cd players...
the songs themselves are very good, they have a life away from the movie...
the first few songs are basically Cooper sung tracks, he has an almost Springsteen-esque
sound in his vocals when he does the slower folky tunes and a real cool rock vocal when he
rocks out on the other tracks...
the vast majority of the albums singing tracks belong to Gaga...
theres pop, theres jazz and theres ballads not dissimilar to the tunes on her last studio album...
all up a pretty classy album on a first up listen, I'm looking forward to watching the movie at some point:

a few of the tracks off the album:

"black eyes"  Bradley Cooper

"diggin' my grave"   Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga

enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #1

courtesy of Spotify

#1 is a surprise to me
rare for a soundtrack
ok for me
a few pop for Gaga which I don't care for

prefer her doing this

LOL just replied to your PM before seeing what is now on the boards...
advised you to skip the spoken word movie dialogue, but I guess you either did or didn't before I replied !!!!!

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