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Dynamic Mic Suggestions
Long story short, car window got smashed, all equipment stolen, looking to get a new mic for YouTube covers. 

I play the uke, I don't want a mic that picks up loads of background noise. Want something that doesn't have an obvious change in the recorded volume when my head moves (looking down at my uke, or away or directly at the mic). Read of blue yeti and the sort, anyone out there got any suggestions?
You need a cardioid pattern mic. Here's a list of them -

Can't go wrong with the Shure SM58.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
(24-11-2018, 05:55)Jerome Wrote: You need a cardioid pattern mic. Here's a list of them -

Can't go wrong with the Shure SM58.

Thanks Jerome, I was just reading about the Shure SM58! Does it need an XLR cable connected to an audio interface to the laptop? Any way to connect without the interface?
Also, might sound like a stupid question: so as I sing and play the uke, it'll be able to pick up both? (I don't have my uke plugged into any interfaces).
OK I see where you are coming from but my advice is get a small interface - there are a number of relatively cheap interfaces that work remarkably well. I have various interfaces and amps/hardware/mics etc. but one of the best pieces of kit I have is this iRig acoustic device.

It is ridiculously cheap, highly effective and comes bundled with software effects to enhance your sound. It's compact, light and delivers great sound and will kill off feedback as well. And it's smaller than your average smartphone. Excellent value for your money and you can hook it up to a Mac or PC. Check out the other interfaces on that website as well.

So my advice is get a mic and an iRig acoustic interface and you will be able to do just about anything you want. As far as connectors are concerned there are plenty of adapters around that you can choose from. It's a small investment for a big return.

Finally, remember that your voice and your uke are two very different animals and to get the best sound you need to process them differently - 'one size fits all' does not always work out. 

BTW - can you send a link to your YT channel - send to if you can't post here.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Heya Jerome! Sorry for the late reply, work has been crazy and I've just moved places :p

Wow the iRig seems like a good deal, I'll definitely check that out more! I used to have a Focuscrite Scarlett 2i2 interface and very likely to buy that again, think it'll work with the iRig?

Yea I'll probably buy back the same AT2020 for studio recording, but probs a dynamic mic for my covers. I totally agree that one size doesn't fit all, but I'm going with simplicity for the covers at least.

Here's the link to my YouTube Channel Smile
Oh and if you're interested, here's a link to my duo band's cover on Tom Petty's Louisiana Rain (though the channel is pretty empty right now)

Oh and I was thinking of getting a guitalele and learning to how to play that, instead of buying a uke again. Any thoughts? I've tried playing my dad's acoustic guitar but it's wayyyy too big for me, I just can't get used to the size of it haha.
Thunderclouds - very nice

^.^ thanks Music Head

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