Poll: Which Guitalele should I get?
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Cordoba CE
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Cordoba GP100
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Gretsch G9126
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Which Guitalele?
I want to get a guitalele and I'm torn between Cordoba and Gretsch.

Cordoba Guilele CE which is pretty pricy, Cordoba GP100 which is more affordable, most likely going for this if I choose Cordoba; then there's Gretsch G9125 which just looks so lovely~~

Anyone here has used any of them? Thoughts and advice please~

(I've never played one before, not good at the guitar but I do play the uke.)
Wow...very cool Sam ! I have a Fender Strat only. I never heard of a Guitalele. Does it still sound like a ukulele ?
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Sorry Sam - can't help with this one. I don't know a thing about these instruments. Have you ever heard Gustavo Santaolalla? - he plays a charango.

My favourite two pieces of his;

https://youtu.be/ciU9Jgmpve8 - first part of this is by Ryuichi Sakomoto - second part is Gustavo

https://youtu.be/EDOgjxzqQ5U - this piece just blows me away every single time I hear it. Exquisite simplicity.
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