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What's your profession?
All that stuff seems a bit silly to me but then I just don't think it's fun - if you do then who am I to judge?

(I am, of course, silently judging in any case)
Ok well sorry misused the "+1"
I do admit it seems a bit silly, I too thought the same way.. But it's nice to have it part of the forum system..

Coz they act like rewards for those who deserve it.. & after some time it does begin to matter, how many points you earn..
With Regards...

Anthony :coffee:
I have been living my dream for the past 30 years. I've been in the music business in one form or another since I left high school. Started as a musician, keyboards mostly, some guitar. The I got a theater gig where I got to write quite a bit of music. ..That turned into a bunch of radio & TV. Did some shows in LA for awhile... Then came back to Chicago... performing under a bunch of different names, in bars on session work as a guitarist/producer/arranger/etc. I still write a lot. Produce CDs, sell them...produce more cds...sell them...I've written some books too..sell them... Still working in recording sessions, writing for theater. Doing a lot of piano these days in bars occasionally ...but mostly corporate gigs and private parties. ... did some teaching for awhile there too not so much anymore... i like playing and writing better.
I work with families on child development and parenting. Just recently I changed jobs to work with pregnant women and their children up until they are three years old. I work with PAT curriculum which is based on brain research. I always encourage the dads to be involved as well since they play a very important part in a child's life.
My current title is Knowledge Domain Expert, which is a fancy name for a subject matter expert meaning I'm the source of knowledge in our support organization for one product area our company sells. It's really a technical support position. I've done technical support in one form or another since 2001 and did mainly software engineering (with a little bit of support) before that.

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