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Rammstein continue
As a fan, I bought the new Rammstein, Liebe ist fur alle da.

I have to say that this band really impress me. How they manage to keep the same six members from the very beginning; to stay themselves musically while evolving to something new with every album; to have reached a worldwide audience while keeping their album in their original German language (with few english songs exceptions). For me, this band is a model of force, discipline, balance, talent and professionnalism.

This new album is another amazing proof. I've never been disappointed with a new Rammstein album.

Do anyone have a good example of bands like that? Because for now, Rammstein is the only band I know to be as strong as that.
Their new album has been put on the index in Germany. Our protection of minors - if you really want to call it like that - is so ridiculous.
What does going on the index mean, Iota ??

Can under-18s not buy this album ?
Yeah, it's banned for minors and you can only purchase it after asking the vendor for it.

I actually found that expression in an English dictionary. Do you guys say something else?
I'm not sure with music. DVDs & movies are subject to certificates which restrict sale or admission to various age groups, but I'm only aware of "Parental Advisory" stickering of CDs.

Maybe someone else knows more about the UK situation...
Yeah we have 'stickers', too. Our ultra-cool family-minister passed a law for new labeling. Instead of the old stickers that were glued on the packaging it's often printed on the front side of cases of DVDs or videogames or Digipacks now and you can't get them off.

Look at this:

That's like an acid attack on the retina.

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