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What Are You Reading ?
The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Dawkins may be better known in the UK. Being an atheist is quite taboo in the States. Most people do not know him. For anyone here who does not, he is a biologist, evolutionist, philosopher (?) and atheist. In this book he talks about why he thinks religion does more harm than good. He makes many good points. I started this book as an Episcopalian (Anglican), and now I'm not sure. By the end I may be an atheist.

Now, I already had some doubts. One book alone is not THAT powerful.
I've heard of that book... I was thinking of picking it up, but it'd just be preaching to the long converted choir.
Seriously dude, being an atheist is as dumb as being a theist...
Iota Wrote:Seriously dude, being an atheist is as dumb as being a theist...
Your answer is deism?
I think discussing the intellectual merits of any set of spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof) is kind of moot, lolz.
Iota Wrote:Agnosticism

Wimp - Atheism rules!

- Currently (re)reading - Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin
Dantes Inferno

most excellent book, it about a guy who end up on a journey which takes him through every level of hell, being guided by a shade.

its the first book of the divine comedy, one book atek him through hell, one through pergatory and one through paradise.

very good book, hard to read. and you must have an open mind.

the punishment for pride is especialy good, the condemed are fouced to carrey an emense boulder on thier back fourceing them to look down and kneel before "god" and are therefore unable to stand tall and proud

very good

Rotten! - by John Lydon.

I usually try to stay away from reading about musicians- but this was cheap in a charity shop and I do love the man.

Only part way through it but it's excellent - honest (I presume) and unrelenting

By the way - Jon G, you an atheist yet?

JonG Wrote:By the end I may be an atheist.
South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami

The fifth Murakami I read and he never ceases to amaze me. Only ~70 pages left but I just can't get around to read it till the end. I hope I'll be able to finish it soon...

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