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What Are You Reading ?
Hedrick Smith - The New Russians - 1990

[Image: 51cH0AS4lUL._SX339_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

this guy wrote a book in 1975 called The Russians
I remember reading it
yes I read back then also
probably haven't been without a current read since the 60's
I guess Mr. Smith thought he needed a revised edition
too bad I'm 27 years behind on reading it
but it was still very informative
dealing mostly with the Gorbachev years
and the turmoil that took place during the breakup of the Soviet Union
a lot of politics
and it's not much different than U.S. politics

Grade - A

next up - All The Kings Men by Robert Penn Warren

[Image: BLDS_2014_big_thumb.jpg]
I would interested to read this one.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
(23-09-2017, 19:19)Frands Wrote: [Image: BLDS_2014_big_thumb.jpg]

(24-09-2017, 11:35)Jerome Wrote: I would interested to read this one.
It's a real good and well written book with lots of details and photos.

Robert Penn Warren - All The King's Men - 1946

[Image: AllTheKingsMen.jpg]
Pulitzer Prize winner
novel based on the life of Huey Long
as told by a reporter turned staff aid
Huey was the governor of Louisiana and a U.S. senator from that state
about as corrupt a politician as they came back then
recently read his bio and they both end the same
Huey is assassinated

Grade - A

next up - Embattled Rebel by James M. McPherson

James D. McPherson - Embattled Rebel - 2014

[Image: 20821184.jpg]

covering the Civil War years after JD was drafted as the first President of the CSA
a full bio would have been much better

Grade - C

next up - Journey In The Dark by Martin Flavin

Martin Flavin - Journey In The Dark - 1944

[Image: 220px-JourneyInTheDark.JPG]

Pulitzer winner. Set in the early 1900's. A mans journey to success from a small town in Iowa to the big city of Chicago.

Grade - A

next up - Weed The People by Bruce Barcott

Bruce Barcott - Weed The People - 2015

[Image: 417BwW0LyUL._SX316_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]
A nice history of the plant and how it came to be illegal.
author is from Washington state
the second state to make it legal
I'm still hoping

Grade - C

next up - In This Our Life by Ellen Glasgow

^Just posted a Bob Marley quote, coincidentally.

We seem to be on track for legalisation of sorts - for personal and medicinal use.
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
Ellen Glasgow - In This Our Life - 1941

[Image: 220px-InThisOurLife.jpg]

Pulitzer winner
Setting is Virginia pre WWII
Novel centers on 2 sisters, Roy and Stanley (I didn't name them)
Adversaries in love
They like to take each others men
Dad tries to keep the peace.
Can't be done
Stanley is the meanest

Grade - B

next up - Ulysses S. Grant by Brooks D. Simpson


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