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What Are You Reading ?
Brooks D. Simpson - Ulysses S. Grant - 2000

[Image: 41CHK37NpzL._SX316_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

a bio through the war years
always wondered how that many people could die considering the weaponry
the north won

Grade - A

next up - Guard Of Honor by James Gould Cozzens

James Gould Cozzens - Guard Of Honor - 1948

[Image: 220px-GuardofHonorCozzens.jpg]

Has to be the worst Pulitzer Prize winning novel I have read.
Set at an Army Air Force base in Central Florida during WWII 
No military action ever takes place over the 3 day period of the book
a bunch of high ranking military dudes pulling their weight
Author worked for a general during the war, so a lot of military lingo
just not much of a plot ever comes together for me

Grade - D
it's hard to give any book an F
there are words in them

next up - Just As I Am by Billy Graham


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