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Steel Panther "lower the bar"
[Image: 220px-Steelpantherlowerthebar.jpg]

Steel Panther "lower the bar"

Spotify listen:

their ourth album, never heard of them,
but the album debuted on the Aussie charts this week...
they call them Glam Rock/Comedy Rock...
I see them a a rock band who "take the piss" out of all the hair bands of
the 1980s (Van Halen/Aerosmith etc...)...
all tracks are originals except for one, "she's tight" a cover of an old Cheap Trick
track from the early 1980s...
Robin Zander makes a cameo in the clip for that song...
not a bad album, its clichéd, stereotypical and predictable just like those
hair bands were...

from the album, the lead off single:

enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #40

courtesy of Spotify

so unfortunately 80's glam rock is not dead
not sure where the comedy tag comes from
not on this album at least




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