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Morsy and Never Yet Contested present their new album “Formative Feedback”
The multi-cultural spirit which defines New York is encapsulated in this versatile project which combines hip-hop, RnB and house to create a compelling album. Never Yet Contested (N.Y.C.), one of the most lyrically versatile upcoming hip-hop artists in New York combines with veteran DJ and Producer, Morsy to create a truly unique album.

Whatever your personal taste in music, you can find something to dance to on “Formative Feedback”. The project's global appeal is assisted by its’ range of global influences, which include Brazil's Bossa Nova style on the Raphaello Mazzei collaboration, “Nao A Solidao” , as well as the anthemic “Party in Dubai” song coming to a radio near you. Unlike any other album currently available, the tone of the album then switches to deep house with “Crystals” (featuring and co-produced by MopTop and Codes) bringing soulful vibes which demonstrates the diversity of this eclectic project. Collaborations like this have enabled Morsy the ability to work with legendary labels, such as Strictly Rhythm, Nervous Records, Jango Music and Good For You Records and performing at Coachella. Last but definitely not least, Never Yet Contested hones in on his hip-hop skill set over Morsy’s alternative club sound to combine and close the album out with their final track “Beast”. Stay tuned for the debut video release of this song coming soon.

The scale of genre mixing presented on “Formative Feedback” may appear daunting to other artists, however, Morsy and Never Yet Contested pull it off spectacularly, seamlessly hopping between genres to provide a unique listening experience and craft out their own genre. Without a doubt, Morsy and Never Yet Contested are making a statement on this visceral, irresistibly catchy project.

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