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Is This The Life - NO!!!
I thought I posted this already. But, I can't find it. When I originally posted (I'm pretty sure) there was just a list of "What Are You Listening Too". Since I thought I posted, I've listened to this at least another 15 times. 

It blows. 

Since I'm a Waters fanatic, I desperately tried to find something to love about it. The absolute best I can say about this drivel is, it's dull musicianship doesn't hit a bad note. Which isn't saying much. 

Unique melody is gone. His wonderful background vocals, especially Arnold is gone. Clapton/Beck style guitar solos (or any solos) gone. This album literally sounds like he didn't want to pay professional musicians, so he gave his catalog to this bunch of hacks (they could be pros. But, they sure don't sound it) and said "Hear what we did here? Let's copy that." 

Of course his lyrics are just bitching and moaning. If you hate Trump, you'll love the lyrics. There's lines on drones killing innocent old women who are just fixing a meal, yet zero on gays being slaughtered in a nightclub, or a couple who were given a baby shower, and thought the proper way to say thanks was go to the annual Christmas party and slaughter the lousy gift givers. He's never grasped onto the fact, that sometimes war is a necessary evil. It must have been awful to lose his father in the war. But, my God it was WW2. There was no nobler war in which to lose a loved one. Imagine if the world just let Hitler continue... 

As I listened over and over, I tried to wonder what the hell he was thinking. All these years, and this is the best he could come with? I don't believe that. There was a great song he did at the end of The Wall shows, that didn't make it onto this album. 

I'm hoping the live band brings some life to this crapola. I swear there's one song where the piano plays an off-beat version of the melody Waters is spewing, and it's ONE NOTE.

I am so utterly disappointed. Especially since I've gotten a few really great albums lately.
^^No idea how you managed 15 listens! I barely managed one before scrambling to find an antidote!!

I really like Jonathan Wilson, he’s a great guitarist and has made some good albums, IMHO, so was expecting more from him. He’s also into production and does it well, but wasn’t involved in that side of things here.

Mystifying that the album is generally receiving positive to rave reviews.  Confused
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson

RubyMystifying that the album is generally receiving positive to rave reviews.  Confused

It's the anti Trump sentiment. If it's anti-Trump it has to be applauded. There isn't a song on this that sticks with you. If you try really hard, every accent can be identified from a previous Floyd song. 

It's just terrible. I do hope they translate better live.

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