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NEW ALBUM: Joachim Cooder "over that road im bound: the songs of Uncle Dave Macon"
[Image: 71PYzVr6e1L._AC_UY218_.jpg]

Spotify listen:

had no idea who Joachim or Macon were, now i do...
Uncle Dave Macon was an American banjo player in the early 1900s, he was country before country music got its name.
he is apparently caled the "great grandfather of cointry music". his Wiki: .
Joachim is the son of Ry Cooder, this is his second solo album after twenty five odd years of playing drums/percussion for his ol' man.

this album is an album of songs written by or performed by Uncle Dave Macon but its not strictly a covers set because Joachim has reworked the tunes and melodies into something new and although the use of banjos are more than evident he has inserted what he descrbes as African instruments to create something totally original because, as in his own words, country developed from music originally made by the black slaves.
NO, this album does not have an underlying BLM/social justice/political or minority group factor attached he is simply paying homeage to the origins of country music.
that does not mean it it a country album by any means neither, it belongs somewhere between Americana and World music IMO.

some interesting instruments on here also:
Electric Mbira which is apparently similar to an African Thumb Piano .
Yali Tambur, a Turkish Lute: .
Pump Organ/Harmonium .

an intersting album well worth a listen for something a little different yet at the same time comfortably familiar.

a couple of tracks:

Oh Lovin' Babe:  audio

Heartachin' Blues:  video

When The Train Comes Along:  audio
I thought this was going to be a good listen for me, after posting that track not so long ago, "Come Along Buddy", which I still really like, but I listened to the whole album the other day and it was just too jangly and deconstructed for me - became irritating. I think I prefer architectural music.  Big Grin
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