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Spotify issues anyone?
yes ive had Spotify for years but i had issues changing my personal details on it so i deleted it and opened a new account relevent to new phone number etc ..
since reloading the new account everything coincidently runs slower on my Laptop.
i decided to delete Spotify today and my Laptop has returned to its pre-Christmas speeds?

just onwdering if anyone else has had or knows of people with issues like i have explained?

does anyone use another free online app to listen to new music that i could try as im not interested in returning to Spotify.
no issues here

^^No issues for me either. Maybe try Deezer.
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i did listen to one album, Barry Gibb & Friends, on Youtube but that was annoying, the full album wasnt on there, had to keep searching the individual tracks

will check out Deezer later today...

thanks peeps
maybe it was a glitch on my end
i did run several virus checks after the fact and they came back 'virus free' so i might just have to grin and bare it in the future
Deezer wouldnt let me look around the website before downloading the app
so i went back to what i am familiar with
Can't help you here CH - don't have any streaming accounts. Use YT mainly.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
so i installed the app, run an anti virus scan
listened to an album and turned off my laptop
turned it back on again a while ago and my laptop froze on me.
eventually got it to unfreeze, run another scan and all was okay
but i uninstalled Spotify and everything appears to be working normal again.

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