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I find all things related to space exploration absolutely fascinating. Have no interest in alien-type nonsense. But the universe is a fascinating place. It's incredible how small this little blue marble is compared to the gigantic systems out there. It's a wonder we survive at all. When our sun eventually dies (as all suns do) the explosion/implosion will completely fry any planets orbiting it, including the one we live on. Those in the know say that will only happen in the distant future but they all agree it will eventually happen. Now there is a light show worth seeing but certainly not experiencing! No, your suntan lotion isn't going to help...
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
im with you mate, the whole space thing fascinates me also.

love the images that Hubble takes, if I could find a book dedicated to those images I would purchase it for sure.

theres an interesting series of docos (only five episodes sadly!) called "wonders of the solar system"

its hosted by Professor Brian Cox, a British Physicist
and he explains things in layman's terms so its especially good for kids to get a basic grasp of The Univers (and grown up kids too LOL!)

well worth a watch if you get a chance, we get it on "BBC Earth" channel here in Australia.

speaking of Hubble, I just googled it and theres a few books dedicated to it.
going to have to check them out.
[Image: 220px-Skin_poster.jpg]

SKIN (2018 biographical movie)


plot:   After an incident with setting a mosque on fire, Bryon Widner (Jamie Bell) decides to quit white supremacist movement. He marries Julie (Danielle Macdonald) and begins to work odd jobs alongside illegal workers, who accept him.
White supremacist members retaliate by shooting out his home with him and his pregnant wife Julie inside, but both are unharmed. When Bryon steps out, he sees his dog hanging from the tree.
Bryon meets with political activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins (Mike Colter) and agent Marks (Mary Stuart Masterson) in the FBI office. Using information Bryon has provided them, the FBI raids the white supremacist compound where Gavin tries to run but gets shot. Krager (Bill Camp) is arrested.
Jenkins continues heading the One People's Project and remains good friends with Bryon. Bryon undergoes two years of surgeries to have all his face and hand tattoos removed. He works on getting a degree in criminal psychology and speaks around the country about tolerance and inclusion from his own experience.

seems to have a bit more relevance in this current day and age.

rating: 4/5

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