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Currently Watching?
we can trace all these influencers back to the Kardashians i guess???
currently watching a doco about Mozambique's wildlife
had no idea that Elephants kill 600 people a year in that one country!
[Image: 220px-Pet_Sematary_%282019_poster%29.png]

Wiki:  Pet Sematary (2019 film) - Wikipedia

a 2019 remake of the 1989 Stephen King original
a very well put together movie.
acting is much better than the b-grade horror of the original
however i do prefer Fred Gwynne's original role over John Lithgow's one in this movie
some subtle changes in storyline from the novel and original movie but i liked them
a better than average adaptation of a King novel for sure

Rating:  3/5
on Youtube...

Glass Spider Tour - David Bowie.
as usual,
excellent live performance
a lot of theatrics on stage
its a visual show as opposed to a standard concert.

PS: the 'shocking pink' suit Bowie wore was annoying!
Back To The Egg - TV Special

originally shown on UK TV back in 1979 to promote the then latest album from Wings...
yet again, shows Paul McCartney ahead of the game with ways to promote himself..
30 minute special contains video clips of at least half the tracks on the album...

Damn dude looks so young there.
revisiting my favorite series of all time: Justified
a doco on YT - the madness of prince charming

a biopic about Stuart Goddard aka Adam Ant.
deals mainly with his lifelong fight with manic depression,
his numerous times in and out of, as he calls them, 'nut-houses'
on YT

KISS: say goodbye to 2020-live in Dubai

NYE concert performed in Dubai
originally a 'pay per view' concert
minimal people in the crowd because of Covid
no atmosphere so fell flat at times.
Paul Stanley has lost it, has lost the vocal quality he once was known for, sad to see.
some songs were played in a lower key and slightly slower than the originals, thats when Paul was okay...
i hate to say it but Gene Simmons' vocals were far superior to Stanley's

had to watch the show in several sittings because as a big fan it was pretty sad to watch!

IMO, KISS should have let it go after the original 'farewell tour' back in the early '00s.
re-runs of this British sitcom

[Image: 250px-Kua2.jpg]

Wiki:  Keeping Up Appearances - Wikipedia
[Image: 220px-Good_the_bad_and_the_ugly_poster.jpg]


revisiting an old friend..
Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood

Wiki:  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Wikipedia

excellent Spaghetti Western
a classic of the genre

Rating  4.5/5

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