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What Are You Listening To?
The soundtrack to White Nights. Loved the movie. Interesting to listen to the soundtrack after many years have passed! It's a good one, IMHO. It was a toss-up between Lou Reed and Robert Plant for my pick of a track to post here ...

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Was watching 'Interstellar' last night. Movie is disappointing - expected a lot more. But the music soundtrack was quite good - minimalist stuff from Hans Zimmer. Found myself concentrating more on the music than the film.
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[Image: 220px-Mark_screenplaying.jpg]

MARK KNOPFLER "screenplaying" cd, 1993

#21 New Zealand...#21 Netherlands

Jerome will be so happy that I listened to a totally instrumental!
this is a compilation of tracks from four of the movies Knopfler wrote the score/music for...
those movies are "cal", "last exit to Brooklyn", "the princess bride" and "local hero"....
I do have "cal" and "local hero"on vinyl from back in the day...
most of these pieces of music could have been the quieter Dire Straits efforts without the words/singing...
some of it it bloody brilliant IMO,some soothing,haunting and emotive, and some simply boring...
I guess the ones Im not too keen on are the ones that generally don't feature his guitar, just string quartets(or similar)...
this stuff on here feels like its second nature to him, nothing sounds forced or artificial...its like getting 'money for nothing'...


worst track: morning ride
best track: going home



"cal" boy ** love **
3...father and son **
4...potato picking **
5....the long road ***

"last exit to Brooklyn"
6...a love idea *
7...victims *
8...finale-last exit to Brooklyn **

"the princess bride"
9...once upon a time **
10.morningride *
11.the friends song ** my sword *
13.a happy ending **

"local hero"
14.wild theme ***
15.boomtown **
16.the mist covered mountains *
17.smooching ***
18.goin' home-theme from local hero ***


rating: 2.0
I was on IMBD the other day and remembered a song I heard in Horrible Bosses and really liked. I found out what it is and I am obsessed with it.

Its called Perfect Day by The Constellations an Atlanta-based group. I must have played it like 75 time already. I just find it sexy. [URL=""][/URL]
Hugh Laurie is a sexy looking man :wink: Also very funny!
saw the show (again) last night and still think it is great!!!
[Image: 220px-KinksPercySoundtrack.jpg]

THE KINKS "percy" cd, 1971

career stats:
studio albums.......24

this chart action
"God's children".....#53 AU...#21 NZ

the Kinks soundtrack to the British comedy movie entitled "percy"...
ive never seen the movie so I cant comment on it or how the songs reflect in the movie,
so all I can to is base this on the songs as being songs, which may be a bit unfair as im only
getting half the picture...
I cant believe this one didn't chart in the UK at all, would have thought it would have??!
a collection of songs here ranging rom rock, pop, bluesy, acoustic/orchestrated and instrumentals...
songs lack the usual spark of their music but like I said, without seeing the movie its hard to get the interpretation
if them as Davie's intended them to be..
a couple of really good Kinks songs but the ones I 'like' are barely making the grade and the ones I dislike, well,
theyre lucky to get a solitary star or their effort...
all up though, it does manage to make the pass mark, but only just

worst track: God's children
best track: Willesden Green



1... God's country *
2...lola (instrumental) *
3...the way we used to be *
4...completely (instrumental) **
5...running round town (instrumental) **
6...moments ***
7...animals in the zoo ***
8...just friends **
9...whip lady (instrumental) *
10.dreams **
11.helga (instrumental) **
12.Willesden Green ***
13.God's children:the end (instrumental) *


rating: 1.8
I think your * key is sticking on you
noticed a few of the instrumentals had 2 of them

[Image: 61a3iVT4lEL._AC_US160_.jpg]

GREASE (soundtrack) Various Artists cd 1978

apart from this one the olny soundtrack albums I own are the Elvis Presley movie soundtracks....
superb album....
was double vinyl back in the day, and still managed to sell almost 20million copies worldwide!....
four or five huge hits off this one also, courtesy of Olivia and Travolta....
a couple o instrumentals on this one, acouple of old songs from the 1950s covered by Sha Na Na...
a couple sung by members of the cast (other than John/Olivia)....
title track written by Brothers Gibb and sung by Frankie Valli....
I was unaware till I checked Wiki that this was actually a stage show before it became a movie, I
really thought it was the movie first then a stageshow!!!!...
cool album, even cooler movie....
I cant grade half the songs from this because they simply have no life outside the album/movie but...


from the album:

I had that album. Loved it and the movie!

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