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What Are You Listening To?
My list of latest songs:
all out of love-Air Supply
better off-Lindsey Ray
can you feel the love tonight-Elton John
can't take my eyes off you-Muse
chasing pavements-Adele
daylight-Maroon 5
demons-Brian Mcfadden
he's a pirate-David Garrett
Hero-Enrique Iglesias
In a world like this-Backstreet Boys
Mirrors-Justin Timberlake
These are only part of it.And just found out that, many are not new songs...
[video=youtube;EuHRQC3gHmU][/video] I like this from the Cosby Show!!
I have seen "3000 Miles to Graceland. This is awasome.
johnsandy Wrote:I have seen "3000 Miles to Graceland. This is awasome.
I have 3,000 Miles to Graceland recorded (Kevin Costner :biggrinSmile. I love him playing a bad guy cause he is nothing like that but does a great job Confusedmile:
[video=youtube;OSldeOLiXk8][/video] :biggrin:
[video=youtube;cnniyab94WY][/video]...They don't make them like the Andy Griffith Show anymore. Like the Darlings and that Ernest T is a Nut :laugh:
[video=youtube;iQtXEb7C30o][/video]...Charlene did a good job on this one Confusedmile:
[video=youtube;Z5dnRJ5XuSw][/video]..Great movie!! Patsy Cline will always be remembered. She was the best!! I remember when she was alive. Country lost a wonderful performer!! I wonder where she would have went in her career had she not died.
she was good,no doubt about it but no-one will ever be as good as Loretta...
she is probably one of a handful of singers that i cannot pick one song as my favourite...

...and funny that I really didn't get into Patsy
till Coal Miners Daughter
then learning Patsy was Loretta's idol


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