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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 51HPTlJorQL._AC_US218_.jpg]

LADY GAGA & BRADLEY COOPER "a star is born" (OST)

release date: 5th October

chart high: #1 everywhere

first up, I rarely buy OST albums because they usually mean nothing outside the context
of the movie/stage show theyre associated with,
the exceptions being "grease", "Saturday night fever" and now this one, that said, I still have
NY's "paradox" to post...
so, the movie is a remake of a remake of a remake of an old movie from the mid 1930s...
haven't seen any of them personally so I cant compare...
the music on this one are all originals, no covers from the other movies...
good eclectic mix here from jazz/blues, pop, Americana, country, folk, ballads, dance, alt country...
Cooper sings some, Gaga sings some and they duet on a few also...
only problem with the album is that theres a lot of banter between the songs, obviously snippets
from themovie, but thankfully, with programming, I can edit them out when I play the album...
a pretty classy album, but isn't everything Gaga does classy since Tony taught her to act like a lady!


worst track: the annoying talking/banter between the songs
favourite track: look what I found

tracks: eyes **
2....La Vie En Rose ***
3....maybe its time **
4....out of time **
5....alibi **
6....shallow ** to my eyes ***
8....diggin' my grave ***
9....always remember us this way ***
10..look what I found ***
11..heal me ***
12..i don't know what love is *** that alright? **
14..why did you do that? **, bdy, face **
16..before I cry ***
17..too far gone **
18..i'll never love again (duet version) **
19..i'll never love again (Gaga solo version) **

3s - 8
2s - 11
1s - 0

rating: 2.4
[Image: 61+MvUoBd8L._AC_US218_.jpg]


release date: 23rd March

chart highs: Hungary #19

his wife Darryl Hannah picked up the portable camera, went out onto his expansive
property and started to shoot a movie....
Neil and the gang joined in, and the movie is supposedly about a vagabond group of musicians
wandering the earth to do something extremely boring (well, im not sure about the boring bit, in
being sarcastic...), but it sounds boring....
lots of instrumental snippets on here, some re-recordings of tunes also...
love the album cover, it emits such feeling IMO, shame the music doesn't live up to it...
best track for me is Promise Of The Real's Lukas Nelson's cover of his dad's "angel flying too
close t the ground" song...


worst track:  "take your pick"!
best track: Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground


…....many moons ago (spoken intro) me (verse) *
2....paradox passage I (inst) *
3....hey (inst) **
4....paradox passage II (inst) *
5....diggin' in the dirt (chorus) *
6....paradox passage III (inst) *
7....peace trail **
8....Pocahontas **
9....cowgirl jam (inst) *
10..angel flying too close to the ground **
…….paradox passage IV (inst) (link) 
11..diggin' in the dirt **
…….paradox passage V (inst) (link)
12..running to the silver eagle (inst) ** what you want me to do? (inst) *
…….paradox passage VI (inst) (link)
14..offerings (inst) * long? *
16..happy together *
17..tumbleweed **

3s - 0
2s - 7
1s - 10

rating: 1.4
Nina Rota's music from 'The Godfather'. Great stuff to chill to this morning.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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