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Locksley - Be In love
released Jan 26th, 2010

[Image: Locksley-Be-In-Love_jpg_150x150_crop_q85.jpg]

from the album - Darling, It's True

YouTube - LOCKSLEY - Darling It's True -

from all music

After graduating from high school in Madison, WI, former classmates Kai Kennedy (lead guitar), Jesse Laz (rhythm guitar), Aaron Collins (bass), and Sam Bair (drummer) left the Midwest and resettled in Brooklyn, where they wasted little time honing a spirited, contemporary interpretation of British Invasion-styled rock. Dubbing themselves Locksley, the musicians began issuing a series of independent albums, beginning with 2004’s Safely From the City. An opening slot on OK Go's national tour helped promote Locksley’s music to a wider audience, and the band received an additional boost in 2006 when their single “Why Not Me” won a polling contest on mtvU.
After landing one of their songs in the blockbuster movie Cloverfield and supporting Hanson on the band’s 2007 tour, Locksley re-released one of their previous albums, Don't Make Me Wait, in 2008. That same year, MTV began using the band's "Why Can't I Be You?" as the theme song for a reality series of the same name. The network also hired Locksley to headline their cross-country “Choose or Lose” tour. Aaron Collins had exited the lineup by this time, with Jordan Laz — Jesse’s younger brother — taking over bass duties instead, and the new lineup returned to the studio to record 2010’s Be In Love.

album review

With their 2007 debut, Locksley kept one foot in the present while looking to the past — specifically the British Invasion of the '60s — for inspiration. Released in 2010, Be in Love finds the band returning to that familiar intersection of latter-day appeal and vintage melody, even if the songs here are more modern than the band’s early work. The most contemporary tunes are pushed to the top of the track list, where “Love You Too” and “Darling, It’s True” exhibit more in common with Hot Hot Heat and the Strokes than anyone from the previous century. Locksley’s '60s state of mind returns as the album progresses, though, eventually peaking during side B with “Down for Too Long” and “The Way That We Go.” Taking a page from bands like the Hollies and the Beatles, Locksley also pay special attention to their vocals, with each member writing his own material and singing lead on several tracks. Newcomer Jordan Laz, who replaced bassist Adam Collins in 2008, pulls his weight fairly easily, contributing three songs to the mix and adding a rough-and-tumble Stonesy swagger to his vocal performances. The best moments, though, come whenever the musicians throw their vocal strengths into the same heap, resulting in the sort of harmony-laden material that, while still reminiscent of Locksley's retro influences, also puts them into the same category as current acts like Sloan.

Track Listing

1 Love You Too Laz 2:24
2 Darling, It's True Laz 3:06
3 One More Minute Laz 2:08
4 Days of Youth Kennedy 3:23
5 21st Century Laz 3:37
6 Away from Here Kennedy 2:26
7 The Whip Laz 3:06
8 Down for Too Long Laz 2:53
9 On Fire Laz 1:53
10 It Isn't Love Kennedy, Laz 3:15
11 The Way That We Go Laz 3:13
12 The World Isn't Waiting Kennedy, Laz 3:06


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