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What Are You Listening To?
ELTON JOHN - The Big Picture. What is it with some of Reggie's cover art? I dunno - it's just weird. Got the CD in a bargain bin somewhere, and it's quite listenable but not outstanding. I did notice Davey Johnstone's guitar work and the songs are well made but not particularly memorable - feels as though there's no focus, per se (which when you're Elton John, still works out ok). 

The opener - 

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
ive never heard that album Ruby but I love the single "something about the way you look tonight"...
unfortunately, the abysmal b-side "candle in the wind 97" overshadowed the A-side IMO
[Image: 220px-Goodnightvienna.jpg]

RINGO STARR "goodnight vienna" vinyl, 1974:

Ringo's fourth of nineteen....
album contained his last top10 hits anywhere...
was his last album to hit the top10 in the US,
he'd have to wait for his next album to achieve the same thing in the UK...
as usual, all star cast in the writing department, Nilsson, Lennon, Roger Miller, Toussaint, Elton...
no Paul or Goerge on this one, they were working on their own material...
worst track by far is his cover of the Platters classic "only you", admittedly, he does rework it
but sorry, no one and I mean no one should ever try to cover it as the original was pure perfection...
and its pretty sad when the best track on an album is a reggae influenced novelty track sung by a white dude...
at least in the live clip of my favourite track he does look like he is enjoying himself on stage...
surprised this one makes the pass mark for me as his albums rarely come close...


worst track: only you
best track: no no song


1....goodnight Vienna **
2....occapella ** we **
4....husbands and wives *
5....snookeroo **
6....all by myself ** me * no song **
9....only you *
10..easy for me **
….goodnight vienna (reprise)

3s - 0
2s - 7
1s - 3

rating: 1.7
[Image: 220px-Cher-Greatest-Hits-362194.jpg]

CHER  "greatest hits" vinyl, 1974:

very little to say except there may be a handful of Sonny & Cher songs I like,
and only three of her solo songs that I like...
ten tracks, like the one Neil Sedaka wrote and love two others which also appear on here...
picked this vinyl up years ago on the strength of the two I love and basically nothing has changed..


worst track:  seven of them!
favourite track: Gypsy's, Tramps and thieves


1....dark lady *
2....the way of love *
3....don't hide your love **
4....half breed ***
5....train of thought *
6....gypsy's, tramps and thieves ***
7....I saw a man and he danced with his wife *
8....carousel man * in a home divided *
10..melody *

3s - 2
2s - 1
1s - 7

rating: 1.5
[Image: 51+Wx-EJgRL._AC_US218_.jpg]


release date:  June 15th 2018

chart highs:  US #6,  AU #9,  CAN #5,  UK #17

Chrissie's eighth studio set, I own six....
six years since her previous effort...I was sure being a 'stay home mum'
was where she wanted to be....
typical album, some pop, a dance track or two, a rap tune and a few ballads...
not as good as I remembered it when listening as a new release, but them's the breaks...


worst track: like I do
best track: unless its with you


…...liberation (intro)
…...searching for Maria (link)
1....Maria *
2....sick of sittin' **
…...dreams (link)
3....fall in line **
4....right moves * I do *
6....deserve *
7....twice **
……I don't need it anymore (interlude)
8....accelerate **
9....pipe **
10..masochist **
11..unless its with you ***

3s - 1
2s - 5
1s - 5

rating: 1.6

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