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Unconditional Love
wrote this for the woman i am eternally pining over. a bit rough but pure.

Forget the world I want to travel to a new plain of conciousness
And take care of you along with Divine providence
Lets make one and collapse duality
Im on a journey to eternity and you're on the road map with me
Forever, that means for the rest of time
With others its just physical but your soul rests with mine
That makes me feel incomplete until we both pass on
And our souls become one this lifetime hopefully wont last long
Not sure if that makes sense, but I cant wait to experience the physical - I need you
Working extra hard to prepare so I never have to leave you
You knew it before me, the deeper care which you had for me
I was not aware at the time my consciousness had not yet grabbed me
Woke up one day and had you in my mind
And as that grew it stayed and dominated time
Imperishable, not sure what the divine plan is, but it couldn't be more right
To serve humanity and bring heaven to earth with a divine phenotype
I knew you were different and you seen it in me
And as time goes on I am seeing to believe
All that I am never was
Until I get to experience this unconditional love

Earthbound purity from Heaven, the creation of two pure hearts
What God put together no man can tear apart
With guile, hatred, slander or childish banter
Love can reach new heights so lets a new standard
That all others could only hope to attain
Pure love in human form to be apart is a strain
I want to be in a lasting kingdom with you by my side
Running with the giants I feel were in full stride
Forget the roses and gifts of excess
Words cant express nor can feelings of the flesh
Sex is not enough cant even explain the feeling
Sky is the limit Heaven is the basement lets have no ceiling
We don't compete and this is how understanding through telekinesis see
They ask how do we do it, but I wouldn't sell them the frequency
Not for all the gold in the world, I would reach great lengths to shelter you from the storm
But you would not let me endure it alone, this is love in its purest form
This is it, I have found my eternity
All I crave from you is your spiritual purity
Ying and the Yang connect to complete the whole
So as long as were in two separate bodies only your eyes can penetrate my soul
Feeling your vibrations we're dealing with extreme amplification
Equlibrium is a must when your dealing with power that could destroy a nation
We might get out of sync but we end up flourishing
Plugged into divine energy you by my side is complete nourishment
The power that is felt transmutes to those lucky enough to catch a glimpse
Barely speaking, earthly chatter diminishes heavenly overtones
Poured out from heaven two living testaments created to be a living example
If this is what heaven has to offer, hopefully this is just a sample.'
It is not enough.
I need more of your unconditional love.

In public I retract and put reins on my love
Even then I slip, into perfection and expressions of thus
Not like before when discretions of past lovers got me into trouble
Every move I make and even mistakes confirms that I infinitely love you
How could this be, i'm only human
Past relationships were based on fear and were perverse ultimately foolish
Who was I fooling I was headed spiritual ruin
Until I began understanding that life is a process of longing for reunion
From which I came and made an eternal commitment
Not concerned at all with this earthly visit
Spiritual beings having an earthly experience
Getting a taste of the majesty from my source of infinite existence
I thank the eternal that I get to know you in this life and the next
Enjoy this process of seeing my soul progress
All that I need now is to return to above.
I truly thank you for this unconditional love.

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