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First song you learnt to play?
So I was reminiscing the other day about what song(s) I learnt when I first took up the guitar and I was wondering what songs other forum members' learnt.

The first riff I learn was Smoke On The Water, because it was really easy and my Dad is a big Deep Purple fan so learning that riff was a big part in convincing my Dad that this was a good instrument to continue with!

Other songs included a couple of Blink ones, especially Dammit, and The Click by Good Charlotte. I was listening to some GC for the first time in years (probably since I learnt that song) and the memories came flooding back. It's quite a simple song but to learn it fully when you're starting out is a great feeling.

Also, many Oasis songs too. I think almost every British kid who is learning the guitar, will at one point or another be able to pull out Wonderwall or Morning Glory from his repertoire!
First riff was Iron Man. Then I focused on Green Day... for about 2 years =] It's still fun to play.

Now it's mostly Coheed and Cambria, and Dream Theater. With a lot of acoustic jamming, of course =]
Bands like Green Day really helped in becoming familiar with power chords, and a basic sense of rhythm.

These days, I tend to play all sorts. If a song interests me, I'll try and learn it!
First song I learned on electric guitar: Enter Sandman by Metallica. Pretty easy to learn except the solo!
First song I learned on guitar was: "Like a Rolling Stone" by Dylan. I guess I was an angry young girl and would annoy people by playing this song at every opportunity :eek:
House of the Rising Son - and I played it to death since it was the only one I knew! Drove everybody nuts.
"Sinya ptica" by Mashina Vremeni
i learned Elvis' 'love me tender' first then Beatles 'and i love her' back in 1984, i gave up playing then,didnt have the time to practise, it was either music or keep my dream alive of playing proffessional cricket, well ended up on short list for cricket with western australia but failed to score runs at the right time, for anyone who knows cricket justin langer and damien martin got the call ahead of me on both occasions, buth of whom ended up playing successfully for australia, DOH!. picked up guitar a couple of years ago,taught myself to play 'needle and the damage done'(neil young), since then ive learned a few neil young songs, including his versions of 'on broadway' and 'blowing in the wind', also a few paul weller songs. this morning i learned my favourite Beatles song 'norwegian wood' and intro to 'birthday'.
Jerome Wrote:House of the Rising Son - and I played it to death since it was the only one I knew! Drove everybody nuts.

LOL,driving everyone nuts!!!! i drove my self nuts when i learned 'rockin in the free world' (neil young) just loved the riffs so much i couldnt stop playing it, had the amp on full...probably drove the neighbours nuts too, not that they ever said anything
Neil Young has done so many different things musically but I have to say (for me anyway) nothing beats 'Harvest'.

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