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First song you learnt to play?
"Dust in the Wind". Easy chords, great picking hand exercise.
Tears in heaven is the first song i learned to play without sheet music
That's a musician viewpoint, though, where lyrics are by far the least signifigant part of the music. Many, many players share this viewpoint, and Bob was sent up like crazy by some. Check out a song called 'Like a Dribbling Fram' by Race Marbles, mid-sixties, a hilarious hack at Like A Rolling Stone. So, old news 45 years ago now.
First riff = Crazy Train main riff - Ozzy
First chords = House of the Rising Sun - Animals version
First Song = The Four Horsemen - Metallica
smoke on the water
I'm not really sure, actually. I want to say Unforgiven by Metallica, because that was when I started to dedicate myself to learning. But it was probably Mary Had Little Lamb or something like that. The first song I learned by ear was Come As You are by Nirvana.
I learned my first songs in my school days, i sung a patriotic song among many peoples.


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